These past couple of days have been travel days.

It was wonderful to catch up and hug my Chicago Jedi. I had a great time performing at ACDA as well.

In other news, though, this is where things go crazy. I will have to work twice as hard to get everything done and still be able to do everything I want to do this semester. So, I will need to set aside my Jedi duties online for a while.

I am continuing my training in mind, body, and spirit for knighthood.





I feel that the battle still continues. I wonder how I actually feel. Because it seems like I eat to go numb. What am I masking? Pain?

This is no ordinary problem. This is the only problem I’ve had my whole life…

Something else is going on.



The year is going by so quickly. I am learning more and more every day the power that I have. It is unfortunate that I have become so weak and reactive. And, it’s not really for lack of trying. I am really in the most bottom circle of Hell, trying to claw my way up to the top.

Mind: There is nothing really to report here today. I am continuing to study my school work, do my assignments, and get ready for Oklahoma next week. This week is kind of crazy. I have a gig this week on Thursday/Friday in Chicago. Then, Saturday/Sunday I have a solo gig in Indianapolis. And, then I begin Oklahoma next week! It’s all very exciting, but it means I am beginning to focus on my music rather than on Jedi stuff. Luckily, I have done alllll the Jedi things I wanted to do to get things in motion. Good deal.

Body: I finally. FINALLY. went to the gym today. I had been in a three week slump where the gym just wasn’t happening. I don’t understand… But, I go through these cycles. Probably Seasonal Affective Disorder. But, I feel great, and ready to go for the rest of the week. Still eating crappy stuff, but trying to do it the least amount possible!

Spirit: Meditating, Deep Breathing, Bible Reading. It’s all going well. No particular insights here.

Journal Entry: 22 Feb


I know, I know. Talk about your inconsistency. I promise I’m journaling on my phone. 😛 If not that, at FA, TOTJO, or even IJRS. I thought I might post some of these on my wordpress, though. Just because sometimes I lose my phone journals.

Mind: My major mind task these days is definitely mastery over my schedule and Oklahoma. I begin rehearsals next week, and being in a musical oftentimes takes up all of my emotional strength. Mental strength as well. So, mastering my schedule for the week means: cleaning my apartment, laundry, learning Oklahoma lines and music, staying on top of homework, doing my daily Mind/Body/Spirit tasks, and really trying to be diligent and disciplined. It is going fairly well.

Body: I am working out in my daily life. Fortuitously, the elevator is broken in my apartment complex! So, I’ve been taking the stairs every time I come and go. This has led to me climbing about 11 flights of stairs more a day than I normally would. I am trying to do stuff like this. Parking a little farther away from the school. Stuff like that. This will be crucial when I cannot go to the gym during Oklahoma. Food is more complicated! I have been adding fruit into my day, successfully! But, I am finding that it isn’t quite working yet. I will continue to replace refined sugars with natural ones, and over time I will be done with refined as a default. 🙂

Spirit: I am continuing to feed my spirit every day. I am meditating and praying, using the tools I have learned over the years. I am undoing years of conditioning and damage, so it is taking a while. No worries, though. I am confident. I have been doing a Lenten bible study, as Lent is one of my favorite times of the year. It is a time of self-reflection, introspection, and later on celebration and joyfulness. I enjoy the energy of the season. I am reading through Proverbs (1 a day), through John (1 chapter a day), and following a bible study from Upper Room. It’s a great way to end my day.

Update! (110 IP hours total)



So the end of the school year meant that everything went to hell in a hand basket. First, I had a bunch of final projects and end of degree stuff to take care of. Then, when summer came around, I thrust myself into my summer business and I did some volunteering.

I went to the Colorado Jedi gathering, where I got in A TON of hours of IP stuff. In fact, I’d estimate probably 20 hours of training in CO alone. Then, I volunteered at a kids camp last week where I got service hours… I would think about 40 hours this week of service!

I have also been working on IJRS stuff.

Currently, I am working on the Warrior 101 course at IJRS. I just restarted it. So, that should be great.

Things to do:

Get my to do list together… I am falling behind! A 40 hour volunteer week is TOUGH!

Remember to relax.. it’s summer

Get on my IJRS knighthood list. The more I can do before the school year, the better!

Training Log W5April/W.5May (18 hours)



  • One hour of work with NVO putting on an opera. April 28 2015.
  • Four hours of work with NVO. Definitely did some major service for the opera company this week. Took a lot of my time!


  • Did some lucid dreaming training! Wrote in my dream journal.


  • One hour of work with NVO doing staging and walking around. Couple with walking to class.
  • Four hours working on the NVO stage.


  • Wrote a paper for my astrobiology class. Took me 5 hours. I learned much about work ethic and the value of not procrastinating. 😉 Of course, I also learned to not judge my procrastination, and I did a fine paper. I’m working on a second one now for my music history class. These hours training my mind are helping me learn organization and the value of continued work.
  • 3 hours on the music history paper! See above for analysis.

This week was MOSTLY school driven. but, all as a Jedi and improving Jedi skills. Finals week is this week… Idk how much I’ll be able to do till I come home to Texas next week! But, I am way ahead of schedule on my hours. 🙂 No worries. WEIP?